Overdue Props to the Hubs!

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am not the easiest wife to love – I am stubborn, opinionated, loud, and think I’m always right (because I am, haha). The hubs has to put up with a lot of nonsense and has been for years and years, and I recognize that can’t be easy. That said, call me a selfish a-hole, but when it’s gift-giving time, and the hubs is giving the gift, I like to be surprised. If I’m going to get a gift, and truthfully, I’d be fine with just a quiet dinner where I don’t have to yell at everyone five hundred times to close their mouths when they chew and to stop talking whilst wasting, I don’t want to go to the store and pick it out myself. Is it too much to ask to expect that my hubs, who has known me since 1999, would be able to figure out what I like (and don’t like)? Can’t a girl get a gift that isn’t a gift card, even if it’s to her favorite store(s)?
Well, the answer is why yes, yes she can. The hubs has been really putting forth maximum effort the last few years in the gifting department, and in honor of Valentine’s Day, and the fact that I love and appreciate him dearly (even if I don’t always show how much I depend on him and his level-headed, responsible, tough loving approach to our life together) he deserves some props today for the awesome gifts I received this Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I “trained” him up good, or he doesn’t want to hear my mouth, but he did good this year!  

We actually started celebrating Valentine’s Day two days early, as I was super excited to give him his gift this year (cigars, which I HATE that he smokes, but it’s his only real vice and he keeps it to a minimum, and a “torch” lighter, which is actually super cool). And then, I was surprised the day before Valentine’s Day with these beautiful roses.  But he didn’t stop there. He knew I needed more perfume, and I received this Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet 2.2 oz. Eau de Toilette gift set. I have a few othe Bvlgari fragrances, all of which my husband has bought for me, but I think this is by far my favorite. The scent is really very nice – a subtle, crisp floral fragrance with a hint of oak, kind of like a good red wine, so it’s not overly feminine. When you like a fragrance, it’s nice to have the soap, shower gel, and lotion to go with it, as they make great products for your carry-on luggage when you travel, so he was right on the mark with this one.  

As much as I love the fragrance, I think my favorite part is the bag that the gift set comes in.  This is perfect to use as a small handbag for going out. It is large enough to fit my wallet, phone, and lip gloss, but small enough to make it easy to carry on a night out on the town. Although the strap isn’t quite wide enough to serve as a wristlet, I can slip a few fingers through it and it works just as well. 

Well done, hubs, well done!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!


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