Well That Lasted Like 2 Seconds

So, a few nights ago, after getting the 4 kids to bed, I decided I needed a nice long shower. It was a long and busy day and I badly needed 15 minutes of solitude to get my head right. As is typical as I get older and get more wrinkles and grey hair, the first thing I do when I walk into the bathroom is take a quick look for new grey hairs and/or wrinkles.  Pretty vain, I know, but whatevs. So you can imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw this in my sink.  Now, I am known to snip off split ends during my daily and/or nightly inspection of self, but I knew this wasn’t my hair in the sink for a number of reasons. A) I hadn’t recently snipped any split ends because I hadn’t even really brushed my hair that day (bun city, sweetheart!); B) this was too dark to be my hair; and C) the hair was the wrong texture – I had flat ironed my hair recently, so it wouldn’t have been curly hair in the sink, and even if I hadn’t flat ironed my hair, my hair is way curlier than the hair in the sink. 

Detective that I am, I went through the possible suspects. It wasn’t the hubs’ hair, because he was out of town and had just literally walked through the door (and he shaves his head over his sink); it wasn’t my daughter’s hair because I had just washed her hair and braided it in her room; it wasn’t my 21 month old’s hair because he had been asleep for 2 hours at that point (well also, he doesn’t know how to use scissors, and can’t reach the sink); and it wasn’t my 4 year old because he has blond hair. That leaves my 9 year old – you know, the one that I just decided a few days ago was responsible and could be trusted to stay home alone for 15 minutes. 

Sure enough, when confronted with the hair in the sink, he sung like a bird in a cage, confessing his sins and giving me some lame-o excuse about how he thought he needed to trim the front so that it would look more even.  

His being responsible in my eyes lasted less than 12 hours.  Not leaving his butt home alone any time soon. 



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