Excuses, excuses

I started this blog thinking that, as a working mom of 4, I certainly had a lot to share, both good and bad, about what it means to be a wife/attorney/mom, and how to navigate the world when there are cranky, loud, hungry, tired, thirsty, bored, opinionated kids in tow. My family has been going out to eat and traveling a lot more, rolling 6-person deep, and I’m always on the lookout for family-friendly vacation spots or eateries. Through a lot of trial and error, I have a good handle and where to go and where to avoid, and I figured I would be doing my part by sharing what I have learned along the way. As often as we brave the world with our kids (or rather, force the world to brave my kids), I figured I really could help other parents decide where to avoid and where to run, not walk to. Or even help people who want to avoid kids by avoiding any place that I recommend. LOL! I also set out thinking I would share interesting facts, tips, or basically anything I have picked up along the way that would make working moms like me breathe easier. I really wanted to be a resource for women who, like me, are trying to have it all, but are feeling not quite there yet. And maybe (truthfully) just to vent when I was tired of carting everyone to soccer/swim/dance.

But after a few months, I just haven’t really put my time or energy into this blog. I could come up with a million reasons (read: excuses) why – I’ve been really busy mothering my 4 kids; I work full-time as an attorney and I am drained by the time I get those few hours of down time before starting the madness all over again; I am trying to be a halfway decent wife and not nag my husband to death; I only sleep 5 hours a night and can barely keep my eyes open; and, I’m trying really to hold it all together while still looking stylish and trendy. And while this is all true, I haven’t really shared the way I wanted to on this blog because I just haven’t really figured out where to go with this blog. Should I focus on restaurant and destination reviews? Should I review products that might make life a little easier? Include home organization tips (probably not, I am still working on organizing my house)?  The possibilities are endless, but I don’t want this to be a rambling mess of a blog!

Hopefully, as I progress through 2016, I will make this the blog I wanted it to be. I actually really want to reach as many people as I can, because I firmly believe that women need to support each other and share what we have lived and learned with each other. Starting now, no more excuses – I am going to get back to what I started when I first envisioned this blog. But right now, I have to get back to the third most important job I have…lawyering. 



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