Family Friendly Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach: 21 Main at North Beach

21 Main at North Beach.

We were in town with our 4 kids and wanted to find a seafood restaurant that takes reservations, and we were glad to find this gem.  Hands down the best meal we had in Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach.

First – the overall setting.  It’s located in a mixed use residential/shopping area in North Myrtle Beach, so it’s possibly hard to miss, but it’s a must-visit if you like seafood.This is an upscale, but not at all stuffy.  And although the restaurant has an upscale feel, it is definite family friendly. There were several other families there with young children. I imagine that is because we were there at 5:30. There were several fmailies with young children dining at the same time as our small army, and that was definieitly a good sign.  21 Main is large  (and had excellent acoustics) with ample space in between tables for the smaller, less-good-on-their-feet kiddos to walk.  So, we didn’t ever really feel embarrassed that we roll deep and are somewhat lively (LOUD).  21 Main does place glasses on the table as part of their table settings, so that is a recipe for disaster for little fingers.The service was impeccable. Debbie was fantastic, super knowledgable, her recommendations were-spot on, and she even helped us find the restaurant we went to the following night. 

 Second – the food!  Everything we had was excellent.  One of the best meals I have had the pleasure to eat. The kids started with the ribs, and they devoured them. My husband and I started with oysters on the half shell. I didn’t catch where the oysters are from, but they were the best I’ve ever had. I’m assuming from the northern east coast because they were mild and briny, and the texture was so silky. Sooooo delicious. We also had the lobster bisque. Savory, creamy, and fantastic! The chunks of lobster were large and plentiful. My 8 year old ordered the scallops (sophisticated pallet he has!), over a bed of mushroom risotto and fried spinach, which quite possibly are the best we’ve tried. My husband and I had sushi. It was so fresh and tasty. I think we had the Beverly Hills roll (I think that’s what is was called), the spicy tuna roll, white tuna nigiri, and one other roll that I cannot remember. All were great. The younger kids had fried shrimp. Very good. 

Third – the price.  EXPENSIVE.  I’m not gonna lie.  It was the most expensive meal we have taken our children to.  But hoenstly, the food was beyond compare.  Totally worth it if your kids like seafood. 


Bottom Line: RUN, don’t walk, to 21 Main at North Beach unless your kids hate seafood. You’ll be glad you did. 


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