61 degrees and cloudy? Drizzling? Ordinarily, I’d say it’s not that bad outside. If it were December, I’d be wearing a tank top and flip flops, and would be dancing a jig at my good fortune. But, it’s June. I’m already used it being hot and muggy. It’s supposed to be 85 in the shade. I’m supposed to be sweating like a dog (and posting about how dedicated I am sitting out here in 90 degrees. Oh, the humanity!)

So, 61, cloudy, and rain on June 2 means but it feels like damn October. And that means I’m shivering. My lips are turning blue. I can barely feel my fingers as I write this blog post. I’m cursing my bad luck at having to be out here in this weather. 

Why am I out here freezing my tail off? Why else? To bring these kids of mine to swim practice. Lesser parents would have just passed for today and stayed in the warm comfort of home. But not me. No, I like to suffer. I signed them up for swim team, paid the registration fee and all, so dammit, they’re gonna swim. As long as there is practice, we are so there. Gotta get my money’s worth. Even if I have to look like an Eskimo huddled in the corner trying to light a fire to stay warm. 

Swim mom. Freezing my butt off. Forcing my kids to swim in the cold. It’s what I do. Give me a damn award. 



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